Oceanic Praises

SOLD--Majestic Rolled 10k Gold & Blue Enamel Cross Brooch

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The interwoven 10k gold around the cross make this jewel absolutely unique. The design on the rolled-gold resembles crashing waves as it wraps around the cross in vine-like tendrils, accenting the deep ocean-blue color of the enamel center decorated with grape leaves and vines in gold utilizing the champleve technique of enameling. The hollow coils are accented with fine floral repousee work on the upper surfaces. This late 19th century devotional cross represents the high quality crafts-personship of the Victorian goldsmiths; most likely European in origin.   

Details (approximate):

Dimensions: 40 mm L X 35 mm W X 15 mm H

Weight: 15.39 grams

Materials: Enamel

Metal: Rolled-Gold, acid tested positively for 10k on the surface

Marks: None

Condition: Excellent