"Serpente Artistico"

SOLD Vintage Italian 18K Snake Ring

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 Ancient Mayans and Aztecs worshiped serpent gods, and the Greeks also regarded snakes as sacred. In Greek mythology, the god of medicine, Asclepius, carried a serpent-entwined staff – a symbol that is still commonly associated with the medical profession today. Ancient Egyptians viewed snakes as supernatural and regal beings, and Cleopatra herself is perhaps the first (certainly the most notable) historical figure to wear snake jewelry.  However, it wasn’t until the 1800s when the snake motif solidified itself as a renowned jewelry staple, thanks to Queen Victoria’s trendsetting engagement ring. In an era where elements of nature were often incorporated into jewelry, the snake became the perfect symbol for eternal love and commitment. 

This artistically crafted Italian snake ring reinforces our passion for serpent rings! Made of two tones of 18 karat yellow gold, the jeweler who designed this piece cleverly utilized the snake's body to form the ring shank, while allowing the head to coil possessively around a separate ring, creating a sculptural feel and a dramatic tension between the creature represented and the ring that you were just about to slip onto your finger! Not just for the snake jewel collector, this piece is perfect for anyone who appreciates symbolism and possesses a unique sense of style!

Details (approximate)

Size (can be resized): 6.5

Dimensions: Ring top is 20mm at widest point

Weight: 3.9

Materials: 18K gold

Marks: ITALY; 18KTS; ANG (monogram or makers mark)

Condition: Excellent