"Tessarae Bouquet"

SOLD 9 Karat Gold Flower Micro Mosaic Brooch Mid to Late19th Century

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The term "micro mosaic" was coined by wealthy 20th-century collector Sir Arthur Gilbert in reference to Roman mosaics composed of little glass bricks called tessarae. These were sold as fine jewelry to Victorian ladies in the early and mid-19th century, when the tourism trade was at a peak in Rome. Our lovely example of the technique is estimated to have been made during the Edwardian Era, when it was reset in England. The brooch depicts a bouquet of spring flowers on a turquoise colored background, complimented by a simple yet elegant gold frame. When you wear it, you are carrying a tiny artwork around all day long!

Marked “FAP” on brass micromosaic

“Fabbrica Angelo Pessar” Angelo Pessar and his workshop produced many micro-mosaic pieces, often with a floral or pastoral motif

English setting marked “|WJP| |9| |indecipherable starting with (dot) and ending in 5 (likely 375)| |birmingham (anchor)| |Q|”

Details (approximate):

Dimensions: 55 mm L x 23 mm W

Weight: 9.2 grams

Materials: 9K gold, glass

Metal: 9K Gold

Marks: WJPC, Birmingham Anchor, 9K, Q

Condition: Excellent antique condition