"Scarabs on Parade"

Colored Stone Carved Scarab Bracelet

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This multi-stone scarab bracelet is truly fit for a pharaoh! Starting in the late 19th century, the Egyptian Revival was, itself, revived after the opening of the tomb of Tutanhkamen in 1922. Egyptian themes, like the scarab, quickly became a staple of the Art Deco period. Fittingly, the scarab represents rebirth. This bracelet, with its carved scarab cabochons, is a gorgeous example. It’s a subtle statement piece appropriate for any occasion that will have you channeling your inner Cleopatra!

Details (approximate):

Dimensions: 7 1/4” x 3/8” (19cm x 1.1cm)

Weight: 16.6g

Materials: Jade (green- approx. 10.25ct), Topaz (white- approx. 11ct), Carnelian (red- approx. 8.5ct), possibly Iolite (blue- approx. 8.25ct), Onyx (black- approx. 7.75ct), possibly Agate (pink- approx. 7.75ct) and Tiger’s-Eye (brown- approx. 8.5ct)

Metal: 12K gold filled

Marks: 1/20 12KT GF

Condition: Excellent vintage condition