"Amour aux Cymbales"

SOLD 9ct Gold Antique French 1814 Hardstone Cameo Cupid Brooch

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Throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth century, western artists not only favored Christian subject matter, but  they also were obsessed with the classic Greek and Roman mythologies as serious themes for their artistic subjects.  In art, architecture and jewelry, the classics held a position of reverence and honor, as they considered the achievements  of the Roman and Greek empires to be the epitome of human accomplishment.

This lovely French brooch features a cherub (the god of love in Greek was Eros, and in Roman it was Cupid)  frolicking while playing cymbals as his ethereal garment floats around him. The inscription on the reverse "Amour aux cymbales" means "Eros (Cupid) or Love with cymbals."  It is also dated "1814."The brooch is a beautifully sculpted hardstone cameo set in 9 carat gold. The carving is dated from the First Empire in France  (during the Napoleonic Wars) but the setting may be from a later period.  And the pin clasp is definitely from a later period.

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 28mm dia.

Weight: 6.7 grams

Materials: 9K gold, hardstone cameo

Metal: 9K gold

Marks: Inscribed on back of stone  "1814" and "Amour aux cymbales"

Condition: Good antique condition, 2 small chips, one on a cymbal and the other on the foot.