"Banded Beauty"

SOLD Vintage Banded Agate Gold-Filled Bracelet

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Banded agate has been prized since ancient times in making jewelry.  Whether carving it in cameos creating a lighter layer over a darker base or as in ancient trade beads  highlighting the striping effect which occur when carved perpendicular to the contrasting layers.  And this lovely bracelet (circa 1960s) is a great example of natural elements crafted to be worn in a decorative way.  There is a nice weight to this bracelet and it looks wonderful by itself, or layered with other bangles.

Details (approximate):

Dimensions:18 1/2 cm overall length 

Weight: 10.5 grams

Materials: Banded agate, 5 ovular cabochons set in 1/20 12K gold filled frames

Metal: 1/20 12K gold filled

Marks: "1/20-12 ITI"

Condition:  Excellent vintage condition