"Free Spirit"

Sulphide Art Nouveau Sterling Silver, Glass, Reverse Intaglio & Butterfly Wing Brooch

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 Butterfly wing jewelry became popular from the late 1800s and continued to be produced through the beginning of the Twentieth century. The Art Nouveau aesthetic embraced the beauty and design found in Nature;  incorporating actual butterfly wings was a wonderful way to express this artistic view.

This one-inch diameter brooch is made with the reverse intaglio method. By etching the glass from the underside and filling the carving sulphides,* a sort of 3-D effect is achieved. This is also called sulphide glass.  Set in sterling silver, the scene shows a female figure with a horn. Her long and loose hair, ruffled skirts, and the streamer on her horn all rustle in the breeze, utilizing the typical Art Nouveau style with naturally flowing lines. The background is a fragile rust-colored butterfly's wing, which contrasts beautifully with our white nymph, heralding in all the glory of nature!

A small ornamental object of white porcelain-like material, made to be encased in glass. The term is also applied to objects that are decorated with sulphides. They were popular in Europe and America throughout the 19th century. The term “sulphide” is probably connected with the use of sulfur by 18th- and 19th-century moldmakers.

Circa 1910- 1920

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 1" diameter

Weight: 5 grams

Materials: Sterling silver, painted glass & butterfly wing

Metal: Sterling silver


Condition: Excellent Antique condition