SOLD--Art Deco 18K Gold, Silver, Diamond, Enamel & Carved White Bone Catholic Icon Brooch

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A Catholic icon is a representation of the image of such holy figures as the saints, Mary, Jesus or any religious figures, in the form of a painting, sculpture, or other decorative art.  Traditionally, a brooch, or medal would be worn not only to profess ones faith, but also to remind the wearer of their own ties to the religion. Traditionally, these medals are made of silvered brass, sometimes with enamel decoration.

This beautiful Catholic medal depicts the Virgin Mary, or "Mother Mary" carved in relief, hands held in prayer, head bowed, and a sweet smile on her face. With skillfully carved drapery and a delicate halo, she is at once charming and sedate. What makes this piece so singular is the high-end materials used. The frame holding the artwork is enameled 18 karat gold studded with twelve diamonds, fashioned in the Art Deco style with geometric patterns and lines throughout.  The reverse of the white stone is carved with the initials "RG" and the date, "26-5-35". This could be commemorating a christening, a first communion, or a death. Whether devout or not, this brooch would be an important addition to any historic jewelry collection.

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 42mm x 35mm (1.75" x 1/38")

Weight: 13.2 grams

Materials: Gold, Silver, Diamond, Stone

Metal: 18K gold, Silver

Marks: Carved on reverse: RG 26-5-35  (Date: May 5, 1935)

Condition: Excellent Vintage condition