"Crown Of Tears"

SOLD Antique14K, Seed Pearl & Enamel Brooch/Pendant

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 Taille d’épargne, sometimes referred to as black enamel tracery, translates from the French literally as “saving cut.” It is a variation of champlevé whereby engraved lines forming a design are incised into the metal and are filled with opaque enamel– usually black. This technique was often used in decorating mourning jewelry.

This highly decorative brooch has perfectly intact Taille d’épargne enameling detail on its elaborate surface. There are two hinged-together sections to this amazing treasure, the top portion maintaining a fanned shape decorated with Etruscan Revival elements, and featuring a cluster of pronged seed pearls resembling a tiny tiara. Seed pearls symbolized 'tears of sorrow' in Victorian mourning language, a beautiful usage of the tiny gems. The bottom segment is an inverted echo of the top, each complementing the other. A truly wonderful and expertly crafted example of the beloved Victorian Era, wearing it is both a nod to history and a statement of style!

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 49mm x 42mm

Weight: 12.2 grams

Materials: Gold, seed pearls, black enamel

Metal: 14K yellow gold

Marks: None

Condition: Pristine antique condition