"A Wink And A Nod"

Antique Silver,Paste & Quartz Hand-Painted Portraits Buckle Pair

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 Hand painted miniature portraits were the predecessors of photographs. When there was no other way to record a likeness of someone, the miniatures were treasured and passed down in families. Some portrait miniatures were painted of a specific person, and others were of classic style beauties rather than a particular real person. Often, these pieces were made into jewelry and worn as decoration, such as our brooch. The Victorians loved to hearken back to earlier periods in time, and we think that this is such an example.

This adorable, over-the-top set depicts a stylized couple, the gentleman on one buckle, the lady on the other. With their powdered hair and come-hither glances, they must have been a fun set to wear to a ball. 

These may have originally been worn on shoes, or a belt. Today, they could be threaded with a ribbon or a sash if you choose to adorn yourself with them. Or, they could be displayed in a case or on a dresser amongst your other trinkets. A whimsical and wonderfully crafted pair, they are a giving us a wink and a nod from the past!

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Materials: Silver, Paste, Quartz, Hand-Painted disc

Metal: Silver