"Queen Of The Castle"

Antique Silver Chatelaine

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châtelaine (from French: “lady of the castle”) in its original form is a belt hook, worn by the lady of the castle, from which the keys of the castle were suspended. It was a form of jewelry that had its origins in practical use. Through time and innovation châtelaines came to support several chains from which accessories were suspended. Women’s clothing made no allowance for the need to carry these small but necessary objects, designed as they were with no pockets. The wide belts that were in fashion provided an excellent platform to support large châtelaine hooks and several designs are known to have been manufactured. They began to hang more and varied household tools from their belts to have them handy at all times. 

 The word “chatelaine” was not used until 1828 when a London magazine called The World of Fashion reported a new accessory, called “la chatelaine.” The medieval chatelaine had worn the keys to the castle, so some of these new accessories included a symbolic key, as the ladies were wearing them as a symbol of their status as “The Lady Chatelaine” of their chateau.

Our clever example is fashioned in silver, with a sweet cherub at the top to hold the accessories by their chains. Accessories include: a silver tone mesh coin purse; a needle case; a decorative puffy heart with a clover motif; a pencil sharpener; a compact mirror. All elements are secured to their chains by dog clips. A wonderful decorative necessity of the past, it would look amazing affixed to your handbag or worn from a chain or belt!

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 7.75" long overall

Weight: 75.6 grams overall

Silver Tone Mesh Coin Purse: 1"x2"; 5" chain

Needle Case: 2.25" long; 4" chain; marked STERLING, makers mark

Puffy Heart: 1.25"; 5" chain; marked 800, makers mark

Pencil Sharpener: 1.75"; 4.5" chain; marked STERLING

Compact Mirror: 2.25"w/bale; 4" chain

Cherub: 2 3/8"; marked STERLING, 43

5 Dog Clips: 1/2" each; all marked STERLING

Condition: Excellent Antique condition commensurate with age and wear