"Spark of Darkness"

SOLD Antique French Faceted Jet Necklace

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Jet , a type of coal, is the product of driftwood that eventually gets waterlogged, sinks to the sea floor, is slowly buried in mud, and hardens over millions of years. Unlike coal that’s used for fuel, jet forms in salt water rather than on land.

This hardened glass-like material became extremely popular during the Victorian Era, when Prince Albert died at the young age of 42 in 1861, his Queen went into mourning, and decreed that her court do the same. 

Jet became so popular during this period that imitations would soon flood the market.  French Jet is not actually Jet; it is simply black glass which was used to fulfill the demand for Jet.  This necklace is one such example.  

Behold this stunning French jet mourning jewelry necklace! All the (glass) jet pieces are linked together forming a fluid bib in the front and connect to a double row of jet beads. The French glass cabochons are each faceted across the top so that the necklace reflects light beautifully,  with wonderful subtle movement from the fringe. Each glass element is backed with a black enameled metal base and the French Jet pieces are simply glued in place.  A dramatic and sophisticated piece, worthy of a member of the Royal entourage, it is sure to add a depth of sparkle and allure to your collection.

Circa 1870s-1890s


Details (approximate)

Dimensions: Inside diameter is 16"; Total length 19.5"

Weight: 73.7 grams

Materials: Jet

Metal: Base metal

Marks: None

Condition: Excellent antique condition