"The Witches Pet"

SOLD Antique Gold Filled Chimera Bracelet

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 "Chimera or chimaera, n. of Greek mythology; a fire-breathing monster with the head of a lion, body of a goat and tail of a serpent; a product of the imagination; a fanciful conception; a thing of hybrid character." -The Concise Oxford Dictionary 

Bangles and bracelets with animal-head terminals are amongst the oldest ancestors of today's jewelry forms. Examples made of yellow gold were characteristic adornments for the ancient civilizations of Iran, Cyprus and Greece from the eighth to the fourth centuries BC, thence to be as avidly adopted by Etruscan and Roman jewelers alike. 

Around the turn of the century, the Western civilization became fascinated with the Eastern culture, incorporating it into fashion and decorative arts. Thanks to Henri Cartier and his workshop, a hybrid of Eastern and Ancient design emerged in jewelry, creating fanciful motifs that the imaginative Victorians could not get enough of!

This Antique bangle, expertly crafted of gold filled metal and decorated with the Etruscan Revival style, with beautiful details embellishing the head and the tail of the piece. The head resembles a Chinese dog with realistically executed teeth, snout and fur. With a ring in his mouth, and one fierce red eye peering up at us, he might be a sentry, guarding the Witches' coven whilst they slumber through the day! A unique treasure for the collector with the eclectic and unusual in mind, he is sure to bring a smile to your face, and a shiver down your spine!

Details (approximate)

Size: Fits 6.75" wrist

Weight: 19.4 grams

Materials: Gold filled metal, glass

Marks: None

Condition: Very good antique condition; some wear on surface