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SOLD Antique 9K Rose Gold Fob with Intaglio-Carved Topaz

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Watch fobs were worn as decorative additions to pocket watch chains. Many, like this example, held a functional purpose. The intaglio carving on the surface of the topaz stone served as a seal. The owner would press the carved side into hot wax to seal an envelope or letter. This would leave a positive bas-relief  imprint on the wax as it hardened.  Sometimes, they were used to authenticate a signature or document.

While you may still wear a fob in the traditional way, it also can be worn as a charm or pendant. We love grouping several on a ribbon or wearing like a charm bracelet! Check out our other fobs for sale on this site!


Details (approximate)

Dimensions:  34mm by 15mm by 20mm

Weight: 13 grams

Materials: 12K gold, topaz with intaglio carving

Metal: 12K gold

Marks:  None

Condition: Excellent Antique condition