"Love And Passion"

SOLD Victorian Revival English 9K, Opal & Garnet Ring

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Opals have long been admired for the sparks in their multi-colored depths. They were considered by all in the ancient world to be the most bewitching and mysterious of gems. Queen Victoria loved them so much, she gifted her daughters with opal jewels for their wedding days. Garnets and opals were a popular combination in Victorian jewelry, and can be found in many examples from the era, with opals symbolizing love and garnets passion.

This Victorian Revival treasure features three opals alongside four garnets set into a beautifully carved 9 karat gold band. Date marks show that it was produced in 1965, a time period which admired the styles of the 19th century. Crafted in the Victorian style, with very well matched opals flanked by dark red garnets on the face, it is a beautiful homage to such a romantic period in history.

Details (approximate)

Size (can be resized): 5.5-6

Dimensions: Ring top is 6.7mm wide.

Weight: 3.3 grams

Materials: Gold, opals, garnets

Metal: 9K gold

Marks: 9, 375, k, lion face (London 1965)

Condition: Excellent