SOLD Antique 9K Intaglio Carved Carnelian Cameo Ring

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The Western world began its love affair with Egypt with Napoleon I’s expedition in 1798. Along with his armies, he brought along scientists and artists who delved into the ancient Pharaohs and the exotic history of the land. 

Carnelian stones were used in jewelry prolifically, and were considered to bring good luck, protection and fortune to the wearer.  During Napoleon's Egyptian Campaign (1798-1799), he acquired an octagonal, inscribed carnelian seal. Both Napoleon Bonaparte and his nephew Napoleon III held this talisman in high, even superstitious, regard. Napoleon III wore the seal on his watch chain. 

This delightful and dramatic cameo ring has a wonderful 9 karat gold shank with decorative coil motifs and an Egyptian inspired head in profile carved into the deep orange-red carnelian stone. A ring to wear as a talisman and a tribute to the enduring regard for the ancient Egyptians, we have named it 'Asim', an Egyptian moniker which means Protector.

Details (approximate)

Size (can be resized): 8

Weight: 2.8 grams

Materials: Gold, carved carnelian cameo

Metal: 9K yellow gold

Marks: None

Condition: Excellent antique condition