"Etruscan Secret"

SOLD -- 22K & Garnet Etruscan Revival Ring

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Italian excavations in the early nineteenth century unearthed ancient artifacts and jewelry treasures of the Etruscans. The most fantastic discoveries were the extraordinary gold pieces, which featured the application of minute gold granules and scrolling filigree to create a texture on the surface of the gold that had been forgotten in time. The Roman goldsmith Fortunato Pio Castellani is credited with discerning these ancient techniques and implementing them into his pieces. The ornate decoration and the archaeological craze during the Victorian Era paved the way for the Etruscan Revival movement.

The Etruscans-who they were and where they came from-still remain a mystery to historians. They lived in the region of what is now Tuscany in Italy, around 7th to 3rd B.C.  Their jewelry was influenced by the Phoenicians and the Greeks, but they elevated the techniques to an art form entirely their own. It was while attending a lecture on the subject that Signor Castellani became enamored with Etruscan gold work, and by 1836, he was visiting the excavation sites in person. Through travel and research, he was able to unlock the secrets of the beautiful creations, and became a well-renowned jeweler for the remainder of the nineteenth century.

This incredible Etruscan Revival ring in 22 karat gold has the first characteristic sought after in the genre: granulation. Granulation involves minute granules of metal being applied to a larger surface for decoration and texture. In this case, the patterns created with granulation indicate that a highly skilled jewelry artist made this ring. The high karat gold with a matte finish is another trait that helps identify this piece. With a deep red, faceted garnet as the single stone, it has a balance and beauty that is truly museum quality. A one of a kind treasure in pristine condition, destined to be the centerpiece of any antique jewelry collection!

Details (approximate)

Size (can be resized): 5.5

Dimensions: Ring top is 13.7mm wide; garnet is 8.6mm x 7mm

Weight: 6.7 grams

Materials: Gold, garnet

Metal: 22K yellow gold

Marks: None

Condition: Excellent antique condition