"My Betrothed"

SOLD Antique 18K, Sapphire & Diamond Buckle Ring

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 Buckle rings were very popular during the Victorian Era, with the Queen herself sporting one. They represented the strong bond between the wearer and his or her giver, sometimes being used as engagement rings and wedding bands. Some mourning rings were made in the buckle shape to represent the bond between the deceased and the living.

This example, made of rich 18 karat gold also has diamonds and sapphires incorporated into the design, giving it a very royal feel. We are loving the realistically detailed buckle, the lovely texture on the rims, and of course, those sparkling gems! But the real fabulousness here are the hallmarks! First we see the Makers Mark, which indicates the ring was made by the jewelers White & Hawkins. Next, we have the gold crown mark, which means it was crafted in England, and the Chester shield mark, where it was assayed. The number 18 stands for the gold karat, and the letter P is the date mark, which is 1898. A true piece of history as well as beauty, ready for a new generation with you as the caretaker!

Details (approximate)

Size: 6.5

Weight: 4.5 grams

Materials: Gold, sapphire, diamond

Metal: 18K yellow gold

Marks: W&H (White & Hawkins), Gold crown mark (England), 18, Chester Shield mark, P (1898)

Condition: Excellent antique condition