"Blue Egypt"

SOLD Antique 18K & Lapis Lazuli Scarab Poison Locket Ring

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Ancient Egyptians noticed that the Dung Beetle rolled its dung into a ball to lay its eggs. The rolling of the ball was like the movement of the sun across the sky. That is how their god Khepri came to be shaped like a beetle and to be reborn every morning to make day happen.

The Western world began its love affair with Egypt with Napoleon I’s expedition in 1798. Along with his armies, he brought along scientists and artists who delved into the ancient Pharaohs and the exotic history of the land. 

The affinity for the Egyptian aesthetic continued into the next century, and hit another peak in 1922, with the discovery of King Tut’s tomb by Howard Carter--one of the only Egyptian royal tombs to be found completely intact. 

This fantastic Egyptian Revival ring showcases a bright blue, hand carved lapis lazuli stone depicting a scarab atop an elaborate 18 karat gold shank.** The ring face opens to reveal a secret locket compartment, sometimes referred to as a poison ring! Victorians utilized these compartments to secret smelling salts, which had a reviving effect for someone in a swoon, or to keep a solid perfume, which came in handy while traversing busy London streets with open sewage trenches. But here at the Koven Court, we like to imagine that a dose of poison was kept inside this ring, always at the ready, in case one's mortal enemy intercepted a torrid letter to one's secret lover! This ring would most likely been worn by a stylish gentleman; the Egyptian Revival style was so chic, the great writer Oscar Wilde was laid to rest in a tomb with Egyptian motifs!

** Many actual artifacts were openly taken out of Egypt throughout antiquity and even into the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.  They were purchased by museums and private collectors and bought into the antiquities trade and often used in contemporary creations.  it is possible that this lapis scarab my actually by an ancient artifact!

Details (approximate)

Size (can be resized): 7.25

Dimensions: Ring top is 21mm at widest point.

Weight: 11 grams

Materials: Gold, Lapis Lazuli

Metal: 18K gold

Marks: 750

Condition: Very good antique condition; some abrasions to lapis stone.