"My Dear Sir"

SOLD Antique 14K Gold Engraved Watch Fob

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 Victorian gentlemen tended to decorate their watch chains with fobs. Watches were worn in the waistcoat pocket, with a chain attached for easy access. The fob helped to add a counterweight so the chain wouldn't be pulled by the heavier watch. Some fobs were merely ornamental, and others held a practical purpose. The carved monogram on the base of this fob could be used as a seal for a letter or a document. 

Made of rich, 14 karat yellow gold, this fob has a wonderful smoothness and heft that make it a real pleasure to hold in your hand!  Beautifully engraved with the monogram RAB, it makes one think about the original owner, was he a man of means, a gentleman of purport, or a incorrigible rake? We shall never know the answer, but part of the love of antique jewelry is appreciating and imagining its history.  Nice to wear in the traditional manner, on a watch chain, fobs are so fun to add to a charm bracelet, or to layer with other pieces on a chain around your neck. Whatever your style, it's sure to help you make a little history of your own!

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 1.5" overall length

Weight: 13 grams

Materials: 18K yellow gold

Marks: Engraved monogrammed initials: RAB

Condition: Excellent antique condition