"Fabulous Fidget Fob"

SOLD--Antique 18K, Chrysoprase, Onyx & Carnelian Watch Fob

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 Victorian gentlemen tended to decorate their watch chains with fobs. Watches were worn in the waistcoat pocket, with a chain attached for easy access. The fob helped to add a counterweight so the chain wouldn't be pulled by the heavier watch. 

This fun and fabulous fob boasts three smooth stones: black onyx, green chrysoprase and red carnelian, all seated within a Y-shaped swivel frame. The body of the piece is 18 karat gold, and the swivel frame allows the bezeled stones to rotate; a sort of antique Fidget Spinner, if you will! You can wear it in the traditional manner, on a chain around your neck or as a charm on a bracelet. It's a beauty of a fob, a must-have for any serious antique jewel collector!

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 30mm long (1.25")

Weight: 3.7 grams

Materials: Gold, chrysoprase, onyx, carnelian

Metal: 18K gold

Marks: 775

Condition: Excellent antique condition