"Ladies First"

Antique 14K, Onyx & Split Seed Pearl Conversion Ring

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During the Victorian Era, the custom of mourning became very popular. When Queen Victoria's beloved Prince Albert died, she famously remained in mourning for the rest of her life. The social norms required women to wear black for months or even years, depending upon the relationship one shared with the deceased. Even jewels were to be black, and onyx was a favorite. Men also participated in the mourning attire ritual, although the length of time was shorter than for women (go figure). This ring was converted from a pair of mourning cuff-links, and today a man or a woman could wear it, but we are saying "Ladies First"!

A smooth disc of black onyx serves as the ring face, decorated with a leaf motif and a tiny seed pearl at the center. The textured 14 karat gold band was chosen to echo the texture on the ring bezel. A beautiful little memento from the nineteenth century, we are loving the little golden leaf fluttering on its dramatic background, a poetic analogy of the life cycle!

Details (approximate)

Size (can be resized): 7 & 7.5

Weight: 2.7 grams, 3 grams

Materials: Gold, onyx, split seed pearl

Metal: 14K yellow gold

Condition: Excellent antique condition