"Ribbon Of Remembrance"

SOLD Antique 14K, Emerald, Diamond & Hair Locket Half Mourning Brooch

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 Once the period of deep mourning (2-3 years) was at an end, Victorians were permitted to reintroduce some color into their wardrobes. This signified that while life was going forward for the living, they still held their lost loved one dear.

Beautifully crafted, this half-mourning brooch boasts incredible granulated and etched designs on the knotted ribbon-like gold-work, which is then studded with alternating emerald and diamond gems set in pinched bezels with closed backs.  At the base, a delicate chain suspends a golden locket with an emerald at its center and a coiled lock of hair enhanced with gold filament on the reverse, under quartz.  Some of the stones have abrasions, indicating that this piece was well-loved and worn on a regular basis, making us wonder about the story behind the brooch. Undoubtedly, it is a story of love and loss, and this is truly a  beautiful and opulent treasure, marking its own unique chapter in time. 

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 59mm x 55mm

Weight: 10.7 grams

Materials: Gold, emerald, diamond, coiled hair with gold filament

Metal: 14K gold


Condition: Very good antique condition; some abrasion of multiple stones is present, showing typical wear for a piece this age.