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 Known as a stone of motivation and endurance, leadership and courage, Carnelians have protected and inspired throughout history. Carnelian is an orange-colored variety of Chalcedony, a mineral of the Quartz family. In antiquity, as well as today, Carnelian is believed to help timid speakers become both eloquent and bold.  Ancient Warriors wore Carnelian around their neck for courage and physical power to conquer their enemies, and the ancient Egyptians called Carnelian "the setting sun."  Carnelian is said to attract prosperity, new resources and good luck. It is a talisman for success in any money-making venture. In the workplace, it is a crystal of ambition, drive and determination.

Carnelian was used in rings during the Victorian and Edwardian eras, often as signet rings, because the wax used to seal a letter didn't stick to the smooth stone. It was also prized for its rich deep orange hue. 

This handsome ring is set in 14 karat gold, with the bezel acting as a frame for the shiny, burnt orange colored rectangular carnelian stone. Though simplistic in design, and low in profile, it makes a statement, like the slow burning embers in a blazing fire. 

Details (approximate)

Size (can be resized): 6.5-6.75

Dimensions: Ring top is 20mm x 10mm

Weight: 5.53 grams

Materials: gold, carnelian

Metal: 14K gold

Marks: 14K; illegible stamp

Condition: Excellent antique condition