"Bullet Proof"

SOLD Antique 10K & Onyx Bullet Ring

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 From ancient times to present day, men have worn rings to signify wealth, privilege and status. The signet ring was typically worn on the pinkie finger, with the ring used to imprint a wax seal on a document or letter. During the Victorian Era, men wore black rings when in mourning, and onyx was a favored stone for this purpose.

The word “cabochon” comes from the French word caboche meaning nail, and cabochons are named that because of their domed shape. A “cabochon” (pronounced kab-e-shawn and often shortened to cab) is usually flat bottomed and domed on top.

The bold onyx cabochon on this ring has been been carved into a bullet shape, polished to a glossy sheen, and mounted into a 10 karat gold setting. It is at once commanding - upheld by shoulders evoking ionic columns, as well as soothing - with its smooth black stone. Most likely originally worn by a man on his pinkie finger, it is considered Unisex in today's style trend, and certainly brings a classic presence to anyone who wears it, while proving that what's old is new again!

Details (approximate)

Size (can be resized): 6.5-7

Weight: 4.6 grams

Materials: Gold, onyx

Metal: 10K gold

Marks: 10K

Condition: Excellent antique condition