"Coral is the New Black"

SOLD Victorian 18K Gold, Silver & Carved Coral Ring

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Three coral stones have been carved with a geometric pattern, set in silver, and mounted on an 18 karat gold shank. The shank is channeled, which may at one time have had hair inside, a keepsake of a loved one, or possibly a memento mori (mourning ring) which was very popular during the Victorian Era. The Etruscan revival in the 19th century brought coral front and center in jewelry, especially from 1845 Italy. Finely carved coral was greatly prized.This ring is a beautiful burnt orange shade, with the texture created from the carving setting it apart from other corals, a jewel from yesteryear that still holds allure today. A great find for any coral lover or lover of Victorian Jewelry! 

Details (approximate)

Size (can be resized): 10.5

Dimensions: 17mm x 11mm ring top

Weight: 4.4 grams

Materials: 18K gold, silver, coral

Metal: 18K gold, silver

Marks: "H306XX" (not a hallmark)

Condition: Excellent antique condition