"Dark Secret"

SOLD Antique 14K, 10K, Onyx & Ruby Locket Poison Conversion Ring

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Charms were popular during the 19th century, worn on watch chains by men and grouped on bracelets worn by the ladies. Queen Victoria herself was often photographed wearing her charm bracelet. 

 Converted from a charm, this ring has a little secret! The ring top features a smooth black onyx punctuated with a bright pink ruby. Behind is a hidden compartment, perfect for a Victorian's smelling salts or a little snuff as needs may be. When a ring has a locket top, it is sometimes referred to as a 'Poison ring', but you can place perfume, a photograph or a lock of hair inside. Mounted on a replica 14 karat gold shank, it is still in working order, with a hinged top and a satisfying "click" when snapped shut. 


Details (approximate)

Size (can be resized): 8

Weight: 3.5 grams

Materials: Gold, onyx, ruby

Metal: 10K yellow gold (top); 14K yellow gold (shank)

Condition: Very good antique condition