"Through Rose Colored Windows"

SOLD--Art Deco 14K White Gold & Ruby Filigree Ring

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This is a classic Art Deco ring, from its intricate filigree work on the sides to a top divided into four sections like a window pane. What lies beyond this window are four matched pigeon-blood rectangular-cut  ruby stones* that simply glow with rich color! This 14K white gold ring is complete with a daisy flower at the center of the four sections of ruby, and filigree work on the shoulders that resembles a garden of twisting vines very typical of the Art Deco filigree work. This ring has a great personal feel to it with its lush pink glow and would be an excellent addition to any collection!  Wear this fancy ring while sipping on your Pink Mojo cocktail!

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 16 mm L x 12 

Weight: 3.4 grams

Size: 6.5 (Can be resized)

Materials: Ruby*, 14K Gold

Metal: 14K Gold

Marks: "14K"

Condition: Excellent

*These rubies may be lab created. During the  Art Deco period (1920s-1930s), it was common to use lab created stones. There is no way to know if these lab created or natural unless sent to a Gem lab for testing. Many lab created colored stones were used in the Deco period and were perfectly accepted in fine jewelry.