"A Passage To India"

SOLD 14K & Emerald Elephant Head Bangle Bracelet

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 Elephant motifs have been incorporated into jewelry for centuries. It has been said that the beloved animal's intelligence, strength and wisdom can be channeled by wearing a likeness of the creature. During the Victorian Era, when exploration and colonization of exotic lands such as India became more common, it was popular to wear jewelry with the likeness of the animals that came from the far off countries. 

This stunning hinged bangle bracelet has two carefully crafted and finely detailed elephant heads positioned as though passing each other while you wear it on your wrist! With a secure clasp and safety chain for added protection, you can be sure that these two will stay with you all day, as you transition to evening with style! An elegant and fun piece, you're sure to pair it with every ensemble in your wardrobe!


Details (approximate)

Dimensions: Fits 6.5" wrist

Weight: 22 grams

Materials: Gold, emerald

Metal: 14K yellow gold

Marks: 14K

Condition: Excellent