"Flowery Honeymoon"

SOLD--12K & 14K, Seed Pearl, Diamond Crescent & Floral Conversion Necklace

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Crescent-shaped jewels were very popular during the Victorian Era., and for decades after. They were purchased for new brides as a keepsake to remember the honeymoon. While they come in all sizes, with different types of stones and gems,  and the crescent's ellipse varies, they usually have graduated stones along the crescent. 

Our example, made of 12 karat gold and seed pearls, is also embellished with a floral motif that spans the crescent shape.

Today's brides often attach an antique crescent brooch to their wedding bouquets and veils. It's a beautiful sentimental token that embraces a tradition from 150 ago!

We first acquired this Victorian jewel when it was still a brooch.  We decided to convert it to a necklace recently with a lovely 14K necklace making the length 21."   We think it's the best iteration of this beautiful jewel ever!

You don't have to be a bride to enjoy this pretty necklace; it's lovely draped around your neck or over a cozy warm cashmere sweater. 

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 2"

Weight: 5 grams

Materials: 12K  gold jewel,  14K 20" chain, seed pearls, diamond

Metal: 12K  & 14K gold

Marks:  none

Condition: Excellent antique condition