SOLD--12K Gold Victorian Enamel, Pearl, Diamond Mourning Brooch

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A small bouquet forget-me-not flowers made of pearls decorates the face of this deep blue enamel brooch mid 19th century brooch. Within each flower is a rose cut diamond, and along the frame of the brooch are 37 additional pearls. This Victorian locket once held a secret treasure, likely serving as mourning jewelry for a lost loved one, the back has a secret compartment that has lost it's cover (probably originally glass). The pearls were meant to represent tears and in the locket there may have been a lock of hair or a fabric cutting from the loved one's garment.  It's larger than you would expect and the delicate craftsmanship from the 12K gold to the placement of each pearl and diamond is exquisite!

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 40 mm L x 31 mm W

Weight: 20.1 grams

Materials: Enamel, Pearl, Diamond, 12K Gold

Metal: Acid tested for 12K Gold

Marks: "14K" on stem

Condition: Good

Condition: Note that the original locket cover behind the pin is missing.