"Everlasting Amulet"

SOLD--10K, Diamond, Ruby & Mother Of Pearl Snake Necklace

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Jewels have been worn as amulets for as long as jewelry has existed. Amulets are believed to have various powers; some protect the wearer from danger or evil, others bring good fortune, and some do both. Designed to be worn on the body, they travel with the owner, keeping protection close at hand.

The snake motif in jewelry has been associated with eternal love, continuity, regeneration, and everlasting life.

A smooth disc made from Mother Of Pearl is encircled by the body of a 10 karat gold snake, the head curving down to form the center of the pendant face. This piece has two bright red rubies, one carried in the mouth, and one at the bale, as well as a diamond on the snake head. The chain is 16 1/2 inches long with a ring clasp.

A wonderful amulet to wear, a beautiful jewel that is a physical source of comfort and protection!


Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 16.5" long; 

Weight: 5.9 grams

Materials: gold, ruby, diamond, mother of pearl

Metal: 10K gold

Marks: None

Condition: Excellent