"Blooming Bauble"

SOLD--Turquoise Milgrain Etruscan Revival 15k Gold Earrings

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This exquisite pair of earrings perfectly encapsulates the aesthetic of the Etruscan Revival, a period in the late 19th century that sought to capture the elegance and excitement of jewelry and artwork found in the concurrent archaeological boom. This pair of earrings are crafted in a unique egg shape, dotted with 3 petite turquoise stones each, decorated with milgrain relief overlay, resembling embroidery, all in a rich, 15k bloomed gold. The technique behind bloomed gold, popular from 1870-1890, involved submerging gold pieces into an acidicic mixture, which would dissolve any alloyed metals from the very surface, leaving a soft, slightly matte surface of pure gold. These truly unique pieces will add charm and excitement to any collection!


Materials and Features:

  • 3 turquoise stones (each)
  • 15ct yellow “bloomed” gold


Age/Origin: Late 19th C (likely 1870s)


Weight: 3.05 g


Marks: None



  • Approximately 36 mm length


Condition: Excellent, truly top-quality condition. All turquoise stones are sturdily-set, with the milgrain raised relief details are intricate and laid with great symmetry. The gold is a high-quality 15ct, with a lustrous “bloomed” finish that gives the earrings their bright luster. Nicely-articulated structures, with a flexible, yet sturdy construction, for a comfortable fit. Overall a lovely pair of earrings!