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SOLD Victorian Real Irridescent Scarabs Egyptian Revival Necklace

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This beautiful necklace features 23 genuine iridescent green scarab beetles chained together with silver fastenings. These scarabs are beautifully preserved and have a lovely texture on their shells. Encased in solid silver settings, the beetle bodies are protected while still exposing their metallic-like exoskeletons, safely curled beneath their shells. We estimate this piece to be from circa 1890-1920.

Details (approximate):

Dimensions: 17" long

Materials: Preserved scarabs

Metal: Silver

Marks: N/A

Condition: This necklace is in very good antique condition. Each beetle is iridescent with its metallic greens, reds and golden undertones. The  coiled-up underbellies of these scarabs are all in fantastic condition and certainly quite unique and somewhat macabre.  One note, however, is that the shell of one beetle has a small hole in it, barely visible when worn. Overall, this necklace is absolutely stunning for its age and is an interesting conversation starter!