"Shells and Petals"

SOLD--Real Irridescent Scarabs Etruscan Revival Brooch

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This unique brooch features 5 genuine iridescent green scarab beetles arranged around a 14k gold ball with twisted wire and granulation designs around it- in the Etruscan Revival style. These scarabs are beautifully preserved and have a dappled slightly bumpy texture on their shells while still retaining a lovely metallic blue sheen. They are held together to each other in a pansy-like design and have a solid brass infrastructure encasing their underbellies with an insect-like ribbed design where the beetles' exoskeletons would be. We estimate this piece to be from the mid-19th century, a period when Etruscan Revival jewelry was in vogue.

Details (approximate):

Dimensions: approximately 40mm x 40mm, the pin from start to closure is approximately 20mm.

Materials: Preserved scarabs

Metal: 14k gold ball, brass base

Marks: N/A

Condition: This brooch is in very good antique condition. Each beetle's shell is a vibrant, textured green that shimmers in the light. One scarab has a pin-hole on its shell, barely visible when worn. The 14k gold in the middle is in great condition. It's soldered to the pin. However, this is not visible from the face of the piece. The underbelly shows nicely aged patina. There are solder deposits on the underside of the pin's closure. Overall, this brooch is absolutely stunning for its age and is an interesting conversation starter!