"Set In Stone"

SOLD-Rare Victorian Scarab Brooch 1890’s 14k Gold Beetle Set With Almandine Garnet

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Five highly-detailed scarab beetles are arranged in a petal-like pattern around a central almandine garnet. The garnet is held in a lofty prong setting, as the flower stigma of five modeled gold petals. Each scarab beetle is held in a detailed curved prong setting, with an open back, allowing for visualization of the bottom details of each beetle. Detailed gold leaves are snuggled between each beetle, while a single pointed sliver of gold hangs from the very bottom of the pendant. This truly extraordinary piece is a unique antique treasure, and is part of a set, with matching earrings...

For each earring, a detailed scarab beetle is snuggled in a curved multi-prong setting, in a bed of rich, 14k yellow gold, with a closed back for full security. A single rounded bauble joins the ring at the top of each earrings to a sleek gold French wire back, for a simple and elegant look.

Details (approximate):

Pendant Dimensions:  ~4.0 cm diameter; 7.0 grams

Earrings Dimensions: 14.5 mm length (not including wire); 1.27 grams each

Materials: Almandine garnet (pendant only);

Metal: 14k gold

NOTE: The acid testing of the gold suggests that the pieces may be as high as 18k quality, but to be safe, we have classified them as 14k.

Marks: None

Condition: Gold is good, with high-quality construction and modeling, with no issues. Beetles are highly-detailed, with only some minor lightening discoloration to the bottom faces, and to the top edges. Very minor, typical age wear should be expected for older pieces.