"Amethyst Queen"

SOLD--Victorian Revival Silver Amethyst Crown Ring with Conversion Shank

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So many jewels of the past have existed in different forms as they are passed down from one generation to the next. Converted from a brooch, this jewel's current iteration is as a ring.   Fit for a queen, it exudes royalty from every aspect! This royal Victorian Revival ring with a faceted heart-shaped amethyst topped with a silver crown encrusted with seed pearls is simply magnificent.  I feel that this version is by far the best for this stunning piece! Also of note is that though silver is not as precious a metal as gold, it is every bit as finely crafted as any gold jewel would have been. 

Details (approximate):

Measurements: 22mm x 26mm

Size: 9 (Can be resized)

Weight: 6.4 grams

Materials: Silver, Amethyst, and seed Pearl  

Metal: Silver 

Marks: none

Condition: Excellent.