"Sam's Ring"

SOLD Opal Pearl and Black Enamel Georgian Mourning Ring c.1817

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Exquisite, classic Georgian craftsmanship exudes from this elegant little mourning ring. A vivid, colorful cabochon-cut opal is held within the face of the ring, surrounded by an array of prong-set silvery pearls. This opal is a modern addition, replacing the original glass-enclosed lock of hair, for a colorful and brilliant touch. The wide shank bears border high-relief detail in rich 18k yellow gold, while black enamel inlay details out intricate memorial lettering on the outer shank surface. This stunning little treasure is a wonderful example of Georgian mourning jewelry, and is an excellent addition to any collection of historical and antique jewelry.

Materials and Features:

  • Cabochon-cut central opal
  • Pearls
  • Black enamel
  • 18k yellow gold [acid tested for fineness]

Age/Origin: Georgian, c.1817. Opal is a modern replacement for the original glass-enclosed lock of hair.


  • Weight: 8.19 g
  • Dimensions: 11.0 mm ring face width; 0.8 mm band thickness
  • Ring size: 8.0 US

Marks: SAM HORROCKS OB 23 JUNE 1817 A35 [gold lettering, with black enamel backdrop, on exterior shank surface]

Condition: The opal and pearls are all sturdily-set. The opal is a modern addition, a replacement for the original glass-enclosed lock of hair (a more traditional feature of many mourning pieces), bringing a unique feature. The gold is a bright and sunny 18k yellow, with sturdy craftsmanship, and particular attention paid to fine details. The band has a well-formed circular shape, with no distortion, for a comfortable and consistent fit. The black enamel has some minor, typical wear, but has overall held up well. There is some minor fading/wear to the external inscription. Some minor age wear is typical and to be expected for antique and vintage pieces.