"Inscribed Crucifix"

SOLD--Mid-Century Silver & Vermeil Gothic-Style Cross

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This American made cross comes from our personal collection.  Probably dating pre 1970's as evidenced by it's hallmark, this unique cross is an example of  gothic-revival.  The combination of silver and vermeil (gold over silver), gives it a very classic and refined quality.  The cross depicts classic latin iconography with small accent jet stones on four ends. There is reason to speculate the cross is a museum replica based on styling and religious context. 

Details (approximate):

Dimensions: 4.5 cm Long & 2.8 cm Wide [1.5 in. L x 1.1 in. W] 

Stones: Jet 

Metal Clasp: Silver with gold wash (vermeil)

Weight: 3.9 grams

Hallmark: "925" on the clasp 

Condition: Excellent vintage condition