"Lady Of The Flies"

SOLD-Garnet & 14k Gold Necklace

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Insects were important religious symbols in ancient Egyptian culture and mythology. They were featured prominently in hieroglyphs, seals, and carvings. Depictions of insects were used as talismans for protection, and even placed in burial tombs. To the ancient Egyptians, these tiny creatures were powerful symbols of resurrection and eternal life.

Flies represented courage and tenacity. Stone carvings in the form of flies have been found and dated to approximately 3500 B.C. According to Egyptian mythology, flies protected against misfortune and disease.

This Egyptian revival necklace circa 1940s or 1950s is a stylized version in 14 K gold with wonderful faceted open back garnets. The 15 flies with undulating gold wings having radiating gold lines create a pleasing pattern which encircles the neck and moves gracefully with the wearer.

Details (approximate):

Dimensions: 15” in length; each fly is 16mm X 10mm; 15.5 grams

Materials: .35ct each of 15 garnets totaling 5 cttw  

Metal: 14k yellow gold (acid tested)

Marks: None

Condition: Very good vintage condition, minor wear that comes with age.