SOLD Lady’s Portrait 15k Gold Brooch Hallmarked Netherland Mid-19th Century

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The serene portrait of a lady is painted in grayscale (en grisaille), held behind a cut-corner glass pane in this beautiful 19th-century brooch. The intricate painted detail is accentuated further by the simple 15k yellow gold frame of the brooch, with a pin closure at the back, and an attached bale at the top, along with a working padlock charm at the bottom.

Materials and Features:

  • Grayscale painted portrait of a lady
  • Octagonal glass pane
  • 15k yellow gold [hallmarked]

Age/Origin: Antique, Netherlands, mid- 1800s

Weight: 9.60 g


  • 5.75 2.5 cm

Marks: -The pin bears a single frame border Maple leaf hallmark, used in the Netherlands from 1853-1865 for gold items of 15k fineness-

Condition: The painted portrait is in great condition, with detailed features, in a pleasant gray-scale. The glass front and back faces have no chips or cracks. The gold is a high quality 15k, with a bright and sunny luster, with sturdy construction and details. The working padlock charm is most likely original. The pin closure is sturdy, allowing you to affix the brooch with ease to your bag or lapel. Once the padlock is removed, access to the interior is easy showing the original "En Grisaille"  hand drawn or painted portrait.  The back side has some paper which may have a thin mica surface that has crystallized with time but the glass back is intact.