"I Once Knew A Man"

SOLD Handsome 12k Victorian Memorial Silhouette & Hair Brooch

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This beautiful Victorian Silhouette/hair brooch (circa 1870-1890) encapsulates a silhouette of a handsome middle-aged gentleman with wispy hair and a grey cravat. It is set in an oval rose gold frame, the reverse having a locket back. Inside is enclosed woven hair over which are fancy gold initials, likely of the deceased. This beautifully crafted memorial brooch serves to remember a lost loved one.

Details (approximate):

Dimensions: 50mm L x 32 mm W (2" X 1&3/8")

Weight: 10 grams

Materials: Rose Gold, Glass, Hair, and Paper

Metal: This piece acid tested positively for 12k gold

Marks: none

Condition: Good-Fair

Condition: For a piece over a century old, the fine craftsmanship has held up beautifully. However, there is some dust inside the case and there may have been water damage to the artwork as there is fading to certain areas of the silhouette--but could this have been the intentional design by the artist?  We cannot tell.   There are some wear dents to the rear commensurate with age, and two flea bites on the glass However, this is still a very noteworthy piece!