"Fashionably Early"

SOLD--Georgian Foiled Paste Silver 9k Rose Gold Earrings

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Shimmering foiled paste stones encrust the faces of these lovely Georgian earrings, set within a fully-backed sterling silver body, with a pleasant flower aesthetic. 9k rose gold makes up the slender French wire backs that allow these earrings to dangle gracefully from your ears, offering a nice sunny complement to the cool, monochromatic sterling silver. Paste stones served as an excellent alternative to diamonds, and have even been used historically preferentially, allowing similar shine and brilliance to diamonds, while permitting many more to decorate the jewelry at a fraction of the cost. Were these earrings possessing diamonds rather than paste, each earring would bear an estimate of 12 carats of diamonds each, likely harnessing a value of ~$25000! In excellent condition, this beautiful pair of earrings will make a fine addition to your collection.

Materials: Foiled paste; sterling silver; 9k rose gold 

NOTE: Gold quality determined by acid testing.

Weight: 7.45 g (each)

Dimensions: 30 mm length(not including wire backing)

Marks: -None-

Condition: All paste stones are held sturdily in the silver base, with nice foil backings that allow them to glimmer well under close light. Foil was a prominent feature in Georgian and early Victorian jewelry, especially for paste and diamonds, due to the nature of the stone-cutting techniques that made it difficult to attain high-brilliance. The sterling silver is sturdy and without any issues. The 9k rose gold French wire backings show signs of being a later replacement to the original backings. Overall, this is a beautiful pair of earrings!