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9k Gold Early 19th Century Garnet Mourning Ring with Plaited Hair

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Braided hair is held behind a domed glass panel, surrounded by an array of round-cut garnets, in the face of this lovely ring. The garnets extend out to the ring shoulders, transitioning into a sleek, simple shank, all in a high quality 9k yellow gold.

Materials: Hair; garnets; 9k yellow gold

NOTE: Gold quality determined by hallmark.

Age/Origin: indeterminate

Weight: 2.89 g

Size: 7.0 US


  • 11.7 mm x 11.3 mm ring face; 2.1 mm shank width; 1.0 mm shank thickness

Marks: 9CT [incised, inner shank face]

Condition: One of the shoulder garnets shows evidence of being a replacement; the color is slightly different from the rest, and the setting shows evidence of being opened up to take the replacement.  The hair has been preserved well over the years, with no damage to the glass face. The garnets are otherwise very good, with only some minor surface wear.

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