SOLD Antique 18K Snake Bracelet with Emerald & Ruby Accents

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This wonderful bracelet fashioned from rich 18K yellow gold is very fine with perfect links and a beautiful gold polish. The superbly crafted curly snake has an emerald-encrusted head and ruby eyes. Dating from the mid to late 19th century, this fine jewel exudes the charm and attention to detail that European art is celebrated for.

While I bought this bracelet in Paris, the hallmarks are unclear as to its origin. It has a sensual, silky feel on the wrist and fits most wrists up to 7.5” in diameter. There is a safety chain and an easy to close clasp, insuring that the bracelet is always secure when worn.

Details (approximate):

Dimensions: 7.5" (inside circumference)

Weight: 13.4 Grams

Materials:Emerald, ruby

Metal: 18k gold

Marks: Indecipherable

Condition: Very Good antique condition