"Turquoise is True Love"

SOLD-18K Gold & Multi-Cabochon Turquoise Ring

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Ten cabochon turquoise stones are are laid in fully-backed bezel settings, across the face of this half-band style gold ring. Small boules are interspersed between the turquoise stones, while decorative braided details accent the shoulders of the ring, transitioning into the shank, all in a sunny 18k yellow gold. There are strong Etruscan revival design elements which were spurred by important excavation discoveries in the mid 19th century. 

Though it is difficult to date this ring as it may be a more recent revival of Victorian jewelry, it is interesting to note that Queen Victoria was a fan of this appealing fashion and the use of turquoise.  After the death of her beloved Prince Albert, the use of turquoise was continued but now paired with darker stones like onyx when all of the court went into mourning until the end of her reign in 1901. It became symbolic of true love, and it was for this reason that Queen Victoria gave her bridal party gifts of turquoise brooches.  Also, turquoise was regarded by many ancient cultures as protection against the evil eye. 

NOTE: Gold quality determined by acid testing.

Age/Origin: indeterminate

Weight: 2.80 g

Size: 8.0 US


  • 7.8 mm ring face width

    Marks: [There are three currently unidentified marks on the inner shank face]

    Condition: The turquoise stones are all sturdily-set, with no chips or cracks, and consistent color with no inclusions. The 18k yellow gold has a sturdy construction, with a nice high-relief details.

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