"The Poison Ring"

SOLD 14k Bloodstone Signet Ring With Secret Compartment

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A unique and interesting classic shield signet ring; this Victorian blood-stone beauty has a secret... Whatever are you hiding in it's hinged compartment? Perhaps poison to slip into the wine goblet of an enemy at a feast, or a dab of lip gloss for your chapped lips before you kiss prince charming--it's bound to become your favorite accessory! More practically, though, perhaps use it as a locket to keep a small memento or photo inside. Imagine the look on your friends' faces when you show them its hidden depths! This Victorian period ring is still ready to serve. Will you be its next custodian?

Details (approximate):

Dimensions: 2 cm (0.6 in.)

Size: 5 (Can be resized. If needed; please add sizing to your cart)

Weight: 3.3 grams

Materials: Bloodstone and Gold

Metal: 14 ct gold 

Marks: none 

Condition: Excellent