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SOLD--Victorian Black Enamel and 14k Gold Dangle Earrings

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Intricate black inlay (known as Taille d'Epargne) details the front faces of these exquisite antique earrings, dated to the Victorian period. The dark enamel provides a bold contrast to the bright, sunny 14k yellow gold, which enhances the repousee relief textures of the foliate relief and ornamental designs of the four sections comprising each earring. The first and third segments of the earrings are highlighted by  tiny, sparkly rose cut diamonds.  Made in a classic dangle style so representative of the period, they have several articulated points for a flexible construction permitting maximum movement, along with a sturdy hinged back and front latch closure for a secure fit. These beautiful earrings would make a fine addition to any collection, especially for those invested in historical jewelry.  At one point, they were able to separate at the joints permitting the wearer to have morning, afternoon and evening earrings. 

Materials and Features (each):

  • Black enamel inlaid details
  • 14k yellow gold [acid tested]
  • Accent diamonds

Age/Origin: c.1860s


  • Dimensions: 5.5 cm height/length, 1.25 cm width
  • Weight: 4.07 g (each)

Marks: -None-

Condition: Some minor areas of the black enamel has worn down or flaked away, leaving the intaglio channel gold details visible underneath. This is rather common with Taille d'Epargne work, as the delicate nature of the material is susceptible to age and wear. Still, due to the petite, intricate nature of the enamel details, the wear is rather difficult to see without 10x magnification, or unless you are actively looking for it. The gold is a rich, sunny 14k, with a bright luster, and clean, symmetrical craftsmanship, and petite intaglio texture textures. The articulated portions of each earring are flexible yet sturdy. The closures are secure, ensuring that the earrings stay on your ears when in wear. Please note, that some very small, uneven detailing is typical for older jewelry, due to the less-precise nature of the methods used. Overall, this is a lovely pair of authentic Victorian earrings.