"Lilies Of the Cross"

SOLD--Antique Gutta Percha Cross With Carved Lilies

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One of the earliest forms of plastic and derived from a natural tree substance similar to rubber, Gutta Percha was first processed in 1845 and soon became a very popular thermo plastic substance used in the production of photo album covers, boxes and mourning ornaments and jewels.  Owing to its low melting temperature and hardness when cooled, gutta percha was ideal for pouring into highly intricate molds and retaining very fine detail. 

This bold Victorian cross pendant, circa 1850-60 displays a lovely carved tri-stemmed lily, a flower that figures importantly in Christian iconography, held on to a bold geometric cross.  The flower sometimes recalls the Christ figure on the cross from certain angles.  It is a pendant that can be hung from a metal loop at the top.

Details (approximate):

Dimensions: 3" X 1.5" X .75" ; 17.85 grams

Materials: Gutta Percha

Marks: None

CONDITION:  Generally Excellent.  Some teeny flea bites to the edges are barely noticeable.  But overall in crisp and clean condition.  Note that some of the photos show the item lighter than it actually is.  Go by the hand photo for accurate color.