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Antique Charm Grouping Heart Locket, Amber Heart, Coral Cornetto

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These three charms on a split ring seem to have been together since birth circa 1920ish.   The amber  heart provides a grounding connection to our precious Earth. 

The "corno portafortuna (literally "horn that brings luck" in Italian) is an Italian amulet or talisman worn to protect against the evil eye (or malocchio [maˈlɔkkjo] in Italian) and bad luck in general, and, historically, to promote fertility and virility. In Neapolitan, it is called curniciello or variants thereof. The amulet is also sometimes referred to as the Italian horn." (excerpted from Wikipedia). 

The third charm is a fine silver heart locket (signed "SILVER / RK & FT)  with hand chased swallow bird  in flight and a garland with leaves and flowers on the front.  When opened, it reveals blue paper or fabric behind some clear plastic (which may have been added later).  This charming grouping can be worn for luck or carried as a potent talisman  with souvenir photos in the locket heart.  Whomever acquires this sweet treasure will truly be blessed!

Note:  These pieces are sold as a group and will not be separated.

Details (approximate):


Silver Heart Locket is  is 26mm X 20mm

Amber Heart is:  24mm X 19mm

Cornetto:  29mm long X 4mm (widest part)


Weight:  8.38 grams

Materials: Amber, coral, silver

Metal: Silver

Marks: SILVER / RK & FT

Condition: Good, some minor wear to the silver and minor scuffing on the amber and coral.